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Playing with Reality: A Mindfucks Intensive 
Presented by Miss Mackenzee   $55

Class Description:

The physical side of play is fun of course, but it doesn't hold a candle to the countless experiences that can be crafted using words and sometimes even the slightest of actions. In fact, if you can fully get inside your bottom's head, you don’t really need to play with their body at all. This intensive is perfect for all skill levels as Miss Mackenzee works from light and playful to more extreme types of edge play.


The same feelings that come along with watching a horror movie like fear, excitement and antici...pation are some of the elements you need for a successful mindfucking. Instilling uncertainty is an art form. There is a certain kind of rush and exhilaration you can achieve when you twist reality, consensually. In this workshop you will learn how and why negotiations with a focus on active consent are so important when it comes to mind play. Several other topics that will be covered are:


  • Flexing your mental muscles when you might not be able to be as physical

  • Learning to balance between an intense headspace while still maintaining care as a Dominant/Top

  • Ways to ground the bottom to bring them back and what to do if something goes wrong

  • How to set up for a mindfucks scene

  • Deciding the tone; strict and harsh vs flirty and teasing, etc

  • Hear from a bottom's perspective regarding safety and preparing themselves for a fear play scene


Join Miss Mackenzee for an exciting and informative workshop to learn all about playing with the mind. There will be 4 hours of teaching including multiple demos with a 30 minute break in between. This intensive is open to everyone, although some BDSM knowledge and experience is preferred.


Hit 'Em Where It Hurts: Impact and Rough Body Play Intensive

Presented by Miss Mackenzee   $65

Class Description:
For beginners to more advanced players, this intensive is a great introduction for those looking to grow and evolve with impact play. We will start out by helping to navigate between floggers, canes, crops, paddles, whips, and all that's in between. Both sides of the slash will benefit from attending as we will be talking about the importance of a bottom or submissive’s role as well. We'll go over the much needed safety and how to be risk aware. Discover the best places to strike to maximize the effect you’re looking to create and which areas of the body to avoid. One implement can be used to create several different sensations depending on the point of contact and which part of the toy is being used. Different materials and thickness will also cause different feelings. Learn some tricks from someone who has been playing for 19 years to help create an amazing impact scene that will send your bottom deep into subspace. You will also have the added benefit of hearing from a bottom’s perspective and how their responsibility and communication plays into the enjoyment of everyone involved.


Some other topics we will cover are:

  • How to negotiate for an impact scene

  • What to do if something goes wrong and what supplies to have on hand

  • Cleaning and caring for your toys

  • Creating a natural flow for a more enjoyable experience

  • Practicing solo impact play while remaining as safe as possible


Moving from the “basics,” we will delve more into heavier scenes and incorporating rough body play. It’s important to consider the fact that the body is its own powerful implement. There are many different toys that can be used in a more intense manner which can be intimidating on their own. Tap into your primal energy and learn how to use hands, feet, elbows, shoulders, knees, pressure points, and more. There can be a great exchange of energy between you and your partner within this area of BDSM which we’ll also delve into within this workshop. 


Some other things that will be discussed:

  • Learning tempo and rhythm to create an amazing headspace for your partner

  • How to properly build and warm your bottom up for longer, more satisfying scenes

  • Wielding two or more toys at once to generate an overload of sensations

  • Creating lasting marks safely that can be admired for days later

  • Using your bottom’s body against them, regardless of size difference


You will leave this intensive not only with the knowledge shared but with the confidence of a seasoned veteran. This 5 hour workshop is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, and relationship dynamics. The format will be 2 hours of teaching then a 30 minute break followed another 2.5 hours of teaching. There will be plenty of time for questions. There will be close ups of the demos so you will be able to see everything that is happening.


Put Your Thumb On It: Pressure Point Play

Presented by Miss Mackenzee   $25

Class Description:

Have you ever had a really nice massage and wondered how to incorporate that into your play? Well... this isn’t that class.

This class is designed to pinpoint those spots on the body that can cause people to crumble and move in the direction you want them to. Playing with pressure points is a lot of fun when combined with other types of play such as bondage or sensory deprivation. You'll learn how to incorporate these skills into your scenes and amp things up. With just one touch, learn how to bring your bottom to their knees! Additional Information:


  • Much of what is covered in this class can be used in self defense situations.


  • There are many safety concerns to discuss when playing with pressure points which we will cover extensively.


  • This is a great class to get in touch with primal energy inside yourself and use your body to inflict certain sensations with your bottom.


  • If you're a switch, this class would be perfect for you so you can gain the upperhand in your next switch fight!

This class is open to all skill levels, gender identities, sexual preferences, and relationship dynamics.


P Marks the Spot: Prostate Play and Anoeroticism

Presented by Cam Fraser   $25

Class Description:
In this class, Cam will discuss the pleasures of anoeroticism, including anal play, perineum massage, prostate massage, prostate play, prostate orgasms and anilingus. He will examine both the sexual/reproductive health benefits as well as the sexual exploration utility of anal penetration and prostate stimulation. Using props and sex toys, Cam will also demonstrate some of the safest, hygienic and best techniques for experiencing anal pleasure and prostate orgasms. If you've ever been interested in butt stuff or even if you're an experienced explorer, this class will offer fresh insights and lots of practical information to help you feel comfortable about putting something up you or your partner's ass. Everyone and everybody are welcome.


Presenter Information:

Cam is a Certified Professional Sex Coach, Certified Sexologist, Registered Counselor, and Registered Tantric Yoga Teacher. As Australia's leading men's coach, his work integrates scientifically validated, medically accurate information about sexual health, with sacred sexuality teachings from the mystery traditions. As a coach, he helps men go beyond surface-level sex and into a full-bodied, self-expressed, pleasure-oriented sexual experience free of anxiety or shame.


Dirty Talk

Presented by Chelsea aka Kitten   $25

Class Description:

What does Dirty Talk mean to you? It’s more than just words— it’s an erotic language that gets us off—use it to your advantage! Cat got your tongue? Sometimes it's difficult to find the right words to say in the heat of the moment. This workshop features interactive activities that will help you learn how to verbalize what’s on your mind, develop comfort and creativity with using your voice, and give you inspiration for turning fantasy into reality. Additionally, you will identify and break down any barriers you might have to expressing your most vulnerable desires to a partner. It’s time to reclaim the dirty words that have been used to oppress us and feel empowered in asking for the pleasure we deserve.


Presenter Information:

Chelsea (she/her) identifies as a bisexual, introverted, Philadephia-based human sexuality educator. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Lycoming College and her M.Ed in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University. She has 5+ years of experience providing pleasure-based education about body-safe sex toys and sexuality resources to a diverse audience at PASSIONAL Boutique and Sexploratorium. Her passion lies in facilitating workshops that empower folks to explore their sexuality without judgement by normalizing conversations about sensitive sexuality topics. Some of these topics include the intersection of sex and mental health, body image, dirty talk, self love, and masturbation. When she’s not teaching or learning about sex, she enjoys vegan cooking, rock climbing, and being a cat mom.


Spanking for Punishment or Reward
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  

Class Description:
What we once hated as children, we now love as adults...SPANKING! Whether you’re brand new to spanking or have been in the game for many years, this class is welcoming and you will walk away with at least one new secret trick. One of the most important things in spanking is warming your bottom up. You don’t want them to safe word before you really get into a nice rhythm. There’s the more practical lessons in regards to spanking such as stingy vs. thuddy and how to inflict pain on your bottom, not yourself. There’s many different ways to spank someone to create a number of sensations which we will demonstrate. There will be time to try different methods, whether you come with a partner or solo. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.


Some of the things that will be covered are:

  • Learning 10 completely different ways to spank

  • Mastering the art of smooth, flawless spanking seen in erotic films

  • Gaining knowledge on adding this type of play to your sex

  • How to “read” your partner and how to take them to a really amazing place

  • Knowing when to use spanking for reward and when to use it for punishment


Keeping Yourself Safe: Toxic vs Healthy Relationship Dynamics
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  

Class Description:
BDSM can be tantalizing, sexy and stimulating for its participants because of its intensity. . . but what makes it different from abuse?!?

This class acknowledges the importance of differentiating between healthy kink dynamics that add to the experiences of all involved vs harmful relationships masquerading as kinky.


For those who have been in a toxic dynamic or are getting ready to leave one, it is important to remember that there is still so much joy in the world. Our hope is after attending this class you'll feel empowered to find that joy again.

Arm yourself with the knowledge many of us wish we knew before exploring kink/BDSM with a partner(s).


What to expect:


  • Examples of what a healthy power exchange relationship could look like

  • How to spot red flags/look for what to avoid

  • How to protect yourself against predators, manipulators, and energy vampires

  • How to set healthy boundaries

  • How to identify when a kinky dynamic has taken a bad turn

  • Rebuilding your self worth after having someone break it down

  • Tips for when you want to get intimate with someone new after leaving a toxic relationship/dynamic

Resources for providing help and support


Zap! The Wonders of Electro-Play: Pain and Pleasure
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  $25

Class Description:
Join in this class as we explore one of the greatest inventions of all time: Electricity! There are many different ways to incorporate electro into your play. Within this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to make the experience pleasurable or torturous depending on which way you want it to go. What are the safety precautions to take when dealing with electricity? Want to learn how to play with orgasm control using electro devices? Ever wonder how to achieve a hands free orgasm? In this class, we will cover all those questions and more. I’ll show you proper placement of TENS pads, exciting toys, and techniques for using electricity to shock and excite your partner. A live demo will be part of the presentation and audience participation is encouraged but there will be zero pressure to engage. Feel free to sit back and take notes to bring home with you. This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Cannabis, Intimacy, and Kink
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  

Class Description
When public dungeon parties and events were being held, one of the main rules of most of them was a strict "no drugs" policy. With vastly growing legalization of cannabis in more and more states, there have been further discussions about cannabis and when using it is appropriate or legal.


For some, cannabis use and play shouldn’t be mixed... Rather than shaming people for indulging while playing, why not open the conversation up?


As a self-proclaimed Ganja Goddess, Miss Mackenzee welcomes you to join this workshop to talk about how to incorporate cannabis into your play and/or intimate experiences as safely as possible. Miss Mackenzee and her submissive discuss these ideas on their podcast, "Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge" but will be delving much deeper into this concept during the workshop!


Some topics to be covered:


  • What negotiations and consent should look like, including extra safety precautions.

  • Enhancing pleasure and orgasms through plant medicine.

  • Ways to use THC and CBD products that aren’t just for play.

  • Tips on "dancing with Mary Jane" for the nervous or those who don’t want to get high.

  • Looking at the different ways in which THC interacts with our bodies.

  • Cannabis service.

  • The joys of indulging and how it plays into smoking fetish (we do not condone the use of nicotine and will be solely focusing on cannabis).


At the end of class you can expect to see live demos encorporting all concepts discussed.


Ease It In: Urethral Sounding 101
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  

Class Description:
When someone first hears about urethral sounding, the common reaction is for them to cringe. But what if you were to hear that sounding can be one of the most enjoyable sensations you can experience?


Join this workshop and learn how to achieve enjoyment and satisfaction through urethral dilation. Sounding is an invasive act that can send your bottom riding an intense wave of pleasure.


This workshop will not include extreme sounding or bladder play. A few topics that will be discussed are the following.


• Safety and negotiations, including health concerns

• Different materials and styles of urethral sounds and where to buy them

• Tips and tricks for avoiding any complications

• Choosing the right toy/s for you

• Prostate play using sounds

• Various ways to increase sensations and arousal


Class is presented in gender-neutral terms because not all people conform to a gender binary. Medical terms will be used when discussing anatomy without naming genders. This class is a safe space for LGBTQA people and attendees are expected to respect that.


Blurring the Lines: Consensual Non-Consent
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  

Class Description:
What is CNC, or consensual non-consent?

It is a type of play where two or more consenting adults engage in a scene where one of the people involved acts as if they are not enjoying it and showing possible resistance. Careful and thorough negotiations are key when dancing on this particular edge.

Statistics show that over half the population has had fantasies about CNC encounters. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking about this type of play and don’t know where to start or want to take your experiences to the next level, you won’t want to miss this class.


Are you nervous to approach your partner about CNC play? No worries! By the end of this workshop, you will have the tools to confidently talk with your partner about it.

There are tons of fun and playful ways to dip your toes into CNC. You'll hear from seasoned players about why they engage in and advocate for CNC scenes.

Join Miss Mackenzee for this workshop all about a subject that can cause people to be hesitant to dive into the deep end.


Some other topics discussed:


  • Navigating the tricky realm of consent with CNC

  • How to negotiate for this type of play

  • Shadow play - what it is and how it can be healing and empowering

  • 7 ways to include CNC into your sex and/or play

  • What to do in case things don’t go as planned

  • The importance of aftercare and how to connect afterwards

There will be live demos throughout the workshop so you will get to see some of these ideas in practice. This workshop is open to everyone regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender, and relationship dynamics. Everyone 18+ is welcome.


TRIGGER WARNING: discussions and demos may include rape play and intense edge play.


Finding Bliss Amidst a Pandemic

Presented by Miss Mackenzee   $25

Class Description:
The world has been thrown for a loop with COVID-19. It has left most of us feeling a lot more overwhelmed than usual. We also have more free time on our hands which can be difficult for our mental health. The goal for this workshop is to provide you with some healthy ways to manage your stress with a strong focus on mindfulness. It’s important to engage with all of your senses when trying to gain control with all the chaos and disorder we are facing. We will go over ancient breathing techniques that will bring you back to center, connect with others, and leave you with a positive mindset. We will be doing calming guided imagery exercises that can ease depression, anxiety, and more. In this much needed class, you will be given the tools to de-stress not only yourself but your friends and loved ones too. 


Some skills you will learn:

  • Daily activities to help alleviate stress

  • To create an intentional mindset for intimacy or connection with others

  • Multiple ways to meditate, for everyone including the nervous

  • To safely practice solo BDSM including rewards and punishments

  • How to manage the onset of sudden panic, anxiety, stress, etc in current climates

  • Ways to block out stressors and create a certain mood and environment for exciting sexy times, whether solo or partnered


Find comfort in your own home. This class is open to all genders, sexualities, races, and skill levels whether you’re in quarantine by yourself or with others.


Bastinado: Solely for Sadism
Presented by Miss Mackenzee  $25

Class Description:

The technical definition of bastinado is: a form of punishment or torture that involves caning the soles of someone's feet. But, throughout this workshop, we are going to explore many different ways you can inflict pain on feet beyond just caning.


As part of safety, it's important to learn the anatomy of the foot because there are many small bones that can easily be broken. Did you know that different parts of the foot connect to other areas of the body? An understanding of anatomy can help you manipulate the sensations your bottom will feel. It's essential that you understand how everything connects so you don't cause any major issues during bastinado scenes. For some, feet can be an extremely erogenous zone which can be a deliciously devious way to straddle the line between pain and pleasure.


Some other topics that will be discussed are the following:


  • Exciting ways to bind and torture the sensitive skin on feet, including predicament bondage.

  • Learning how far to go without causing injury and when to get help if needed.

  • Creative ways to let out your sadism on soles, toes, arches, tops of feet, webbing of the toes, and more!

  • Best positions for your bottom to be in for bastinado.

  • Fun ways to include other types of play such as chemicals, electro, needles/sharps, temperature play, and more!


This class is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, or skill level! Bring your questions and your curiosity!

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